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US NEWS: Value of Flexibility, Quick Decisions

"This downturn has changed the way we will think about our business for many years to come," says Steve Odland, Office Depot's chairman and chief executive to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, January 25, 2010.

The paper continues: "Walt Shill, head of the North American management consulting practice for Accenture Ltd., is even more blunt: Strategy, as we knew it, is dead, he contends. Corporate clients decided that increased flexibility and accelerated decision making are much more important than simply predicting the future."

Read the article: Strategic Plans Lose Favor


In today's business environment which requires flexibility and quick decisions, Business Intelligence systems are essential. Telescope, a Norwegian consulting firm, works with open source BI solutions. We focus on high performance. The advantage is quick gains with small initial investments.

Skrevet av Birger Baksaas 01.02.2010.

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