Structured analyses, decisions, and follow-ups

A decision support program is essential

Calc3 is a flexible platform for organizing information in document snippets and spreadsheets with sub-rows, sub-columns, and multiple sheet layers (dimensions).

However, the original need driving the development was the job of structuring decisions. So is primarily suitable for people who need to create structured processes around analysis, proposal development, decision making, and follow-up.

Many people and organizations make important decisions in an emerging and informal way, perhaps based on the most vocal stakeholder groups. Everywhere there is pressure towards informal and feelings-based decisions. Reasons could be lack of time, energy, focus, motivation, openness, concern for others, democracy, or rationality. There could be too much competition, self-protection, or self-interest among groups in the organization. Such cultures are so widespread that authors like Henry Mintzberg wrote about "The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact" in HBR March-April 1990, and Thomas J. Peters wrote "Leadership: Sad Facts and Silver Linings" already in 1979.

However, "Nothing could be more detrimental to organizational learning that this process of elevating individual defense tactics to an organizational routine", wrote Chris Argyris in "Good Communication That Block Learning" in HBR July-Aug. 1994. He explained: "Defensive reasoning occurs when individuals make their premises and inferences tacit, then draw conclusions that cannot be tested except by the tenets of this tacit logic."

We believe that it is the responsibility of leadership to pull analysis, decision making, and follow-ups back to more structured frameworks and processes, every day. This also includes analysis of the decisions of customers, suppliers, competitors, new entrants, and regulating authorities. is for people with the same concern.

Organize your business


You find tools for analysis such as Industry Analysis, SWOT, and JobsTo Be Done (JTBD) in Surveys collecting input from employees or customers are integrated. Premade decision templates are based on the Multi Criteria Decision Model. However, you can create your own models and calculations. contains document management. The core of is a novel three dimensional spreadsheet that also can store text and documents. Users can work on the same spreadsheets simultaneously with security and access control.




In small businesses

  • calc3

    How to make a good decision in small businesses

    Whether you need to make a decision for products, design, strategy, or purchasing, or reach a negotiated agreement, it is necessary to plan and structure the task by identify goals (or criteria groups), measurable criteria, and alternative options (solutions).

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  • calc3

    Calc3 as the best DSS for a small business

    With you have ready-to-use templates for decisions and negotiations at reasonable cost. Then, you do not have to spend a lot of time designing and setting up a framework yourself.

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In large companies

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    How to make a good decision in a large company

    In addition to the decision process outlined for small businesses, a large company need to handle additional complexity internally and externally.

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  • calc3

    Calc3 as the best general DSS for a large company

    In you can let different groups get a voice in weighting and scoring the options. Calc3 enables control and organizatinal learning.

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In public sector

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    How to make a good decision in a public sector agency or municipality

    A good decision in the public sector takes conflicting goals of many stakeholder groups into account. Also, it assigns different responsibilites to elected representatives and domain experts.


  • calc3

    Calc3 as the best DSS for public sector agencies and municipalities has templates and functionality for separating tasks and balancing goals.


In privat life

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    How to make a good choice in private life

    When making an important decision such as buying a house or a new car there may be many factors and alternatives to consider. A good decision maker takes the important factors into account and evaluates them on several alternatives.


  • calc3

    Calc3 as the best DSS for private life

    The main advantages with Calc3 for private persons is that it has many easy to use templates that guides the process. And, it is free or reasonably priced.



  • calc3 is a programming platform

    In Calc3 it is possible to program applications in the spreadsheets or with Javascript. Decisions are just one type of possible applications. Other use area examples include Balanced Scorecards and strategic analysis.


  • calc3

    Calc3 has a new type of spreadsheets

    The spreadheets in Calc3 can have several dimensions, subcolumns and subrows, and folder trees underneath spreadsheet cells. It has a new type of formula range functions. Calc3 has access control on every sheet item such as columns, rows, and cells.


  • calc3

    Calc3 terms and conditions

    The company behind Calc3, Telescope as, reserve the copyright to all new functionality in the three dimensional spreadsheet.



Image for internal analysis is a programming platform with 3D spreadsheets and documents. Also, has a growing number of templates, in particular for business analysis, decisions, and negotiations ready to use. Try it for free.