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Here you can read about free and paid licences to develop and organize your important decisions, perform your preceding data collections and analysis, and carry out the following implementations. Calc3 has several user licence levels, starting with a free licence. The free account level, called obervers, has limited functionality and is primarily meant for evaluation. Go to the product pages by clicking on the links below to see detailed descriptions.

Free Observer

As mentioned above visitors with the free licence are called Observers. They have a limitation of 20 tokens (information pieces). Please note that when the server load is large, the free sessions may be terminated without warning to make room for paid users. The free licence may also have advertisements.

Paid User

Paid licence costs 30 USD per year. This licence level is called Users. Included storage is 800 tokens (information pieces). When these are used, additional Information items must be ordered. Registration is separate for each account, and invoice payment is also separate for each account. Paid users have no ads. 

Premium Leader

Our premium licence is called Leaders. This costs 1,000 USD per year. Included storage is 8,000 tokens (information pieces). Leaders can create groups, cases and add other users to groups. As a leader you can make surveys based on rows and columns in spreadsheets, collect data from respondents filling out forms on the web, and import to spreadsheets. Also, you can import data from csv files and html tables.

Administrative Supervisor

For large companies has a Supervisor licence which cost 10,000 USD per year. For this account level it is possible to create other user or leader accounts, groups, and cases. Information items will be charged for each created leader or user. With a supervisor licence the customer will thereby receive a combined invoice for all accounts. Included storage is 80,000 tokens (information pieces). When these are used, additional information items must be ordered.

Payment is by bank transfer only. The account is fully operational when payment is received. Functionality in User and Leader accounts are operational instantly with a limited amount of information items. The account is reverted to observer role if invoice is not paid.

If a renewal invoice is not paid after first or later years, the account becomes Observer. Previously created information pieces and structures are still accessible.

Move the table below sidewise to see all.

Product name Price Included tokens (info items) Immediate tokens (info items)
Observer Free 20 20
User USD 30 per year 800 20
Leader USD 1000 per year 8000 50
Supervisor USD 10000 per year 80000 0
Information items USD 1 for 10 items The ordered amount 20

The login accounts at Calc3 have a wallet containing "information items". When creating objects such as tables, documents, and groups a cost is charged towards the wallet. It is possible to fill the wallet with more "information items" as shown in the last product above. Each account level includes "information items" to start with. Some are granted immediately after ordre confirmation. The rest is granted when the order is paid.

The wallet and the charging system enables a small entry cost to Calc3 while accounts with heavy usage are charged more. Below you can see the "information items" charged for different functions. Note that "information items" are NOT reversed back to the wallet when objects are deleted. The objective of Calc3 is that accounts should keep data for keeping track and learning. Also, a charging-only policy ensures a simpler and more transparent mechanism, and enables a very moderate charging policy. For instance, inserting from templated is only charge with 5 "information items" no matter how large the template is.

Move the table below sidewise to see all.

Function Info item charge Description
Inserting from a template. Charge: 5 information items.
Copy / paste. Charge: 5 information items. Copy and paste work on the current item and on all children items underneath. For instance, you can copy and paste complete cubes (spreadsheets).
Inserting a document or folder. Charge: 1 information item.
Inserting a spreadsheet. Charge: 2 information items.
Inserting a row or a column. Charge: 1 information item
Inserting a dimension (a new spreadsheet / tab) Charge: 2 information items.
Filling in a cell in a spreadsheet. Charge: 1 information item
Attaching a photo or a document. Charge: 10 information item
Creating groups by leaders. Charge: 50 information item
Creating Users by supervisors. Charge: 300 information item This cannot be reversed by deleting Users.
Creating Leaders by supervisors. Charge: 3000 information item This cannot be reversed by deleting Leaders.

Below you see further description of the products.

Free Observer
The Observer role has limited possibility to create information items. Access is not guaranteed. When server load is high, sessions will be terminated without warning. This role level is meant for evaluation and not important access.

Paid User
The User role is the most basic paid subscription. It is meant for working alone or together with a Leader role.

Premium Leader
The Leader role can create groups and manage Users and Observers in groups.

Administrative Supervisor
A Supervisor can create users, leaders, and groups and assign information items to accounts.

Information items
Each information object created on is charged towards a wallet. This ensures fair pricing for heavy usage compared to less usage. When the wallet is low, all account levels, except for observers, can order additional information items. It is necessary to plan ahead for the need for wallet size.