Calc3 terms and conditions

This licence agreement for end user account is a legal agreement between you (either a single person or a legal entity) and Telescope as ("Telescope", "we" "us") related to the use of the login account at

The software is run on the Norwegian company Telescope's server, and you can access the program in your web browser on desktop or mobile. The server is placed in Norway.

By logging in to you agree with the terms and conditions in this agreement. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you can not log in and use the functions at

If you are below the legally incapacitated under the current laws in your country, you confirm that you have read this agreement with your parent or your legal guardian, and that you and your parent or your legal guardian understand and agree with the terms and conditions in this agreement.

  • Calc3 is used on subscription basis for one year at a time. This agrement is valid for the length of the subscription. You can use all functions available for your account level without any time restriction in the subscription period. However, storage is limited to the quota in your information item wallet.
  • Every acount level include a certain amount or storage quota, and you you can fill the information item wallet as needed for an additional fee. The quantity of information items in your wallet is shown right after your name in the top menu bar.
  • The login account is personal. You cannot share it with other persons. However, supervisor accounts can be shared inside and organization.
  • Support is primarily done via email. However, in the initial phases we accept phone support for paid customers.
  • Payment is done via bank transfer. Cancellation cannot be done after payment. The system with full functionality can be used immediately after ordering. However, storage capacity is limited until payment.
  • We take every measure to offer a secure system and transfer of data on the Internet. However, it is not possible to guarantee secrecy of your data. Therefore the user should code highly secret or confidencial information, for instance with a off-line code table for elements such as alternatives, goals, and criteria. Also, content of top secret notes should be coded with invented names, places and time periods.
  • We take backup of the server and databases regularly. The backup is encryped and copied to Amazon Web Service server in Ireland. The IT industry's best practises for security is followed. The solution do not contain any active software functions that can harm your computer or mobile phone.
  • Calc3 comes with no guarantee or liability for availability of functions nor data. This includes errors made by the user, the Calc3 system, or public networks.
  • The user interface is built with standard libraries with licenses for open source code. This includes Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and Popper.js.
  • It is prohibited to use Calc3 for decomposing or reengineering to discover how the system is designed and implemented. You can not, nor enable or allow other persons to, investigate algorithms or code in the system with other intention than standard use.
  • The company behind Calc3, telescope as, has the copyright and ownership to all available user functions, source code, user interface design, and spreadsheet range functions. Obviously, this does not apply to the open source libraries and standard mathematical functions.
  • Registering and storing content that discriminate race, sex, or religions are not allowed. Also, violent and sexually explicit content is prohibited.
  • Clear violation of this agreement can lead to termination of the subscription without refund of paid amount.
  • Telescope as is responsible for your personal data and will never share or sell this to other companies or external private persons.
  • This agreement is subject to the laws and regulations in Norway. If any disagreements occur, that cannot be solved between you and us, the Norwegian court system will be used.