Users, Leaders, and Supervisors can buy additional information items (storage).

Additional info items - 50101

Information items

When the wallet is low on information items (storage), you can fill it on this page.

The background is that login accounts at Calc3 have a wallet containing "information items". When creating objects such as tables, documents, and groups a cost is charged towards the wallet. It is possible to fill the wallet with more "information items".

The wallet and the charging system enables a small entry cost to Calc3 while accounts with heavy usage are charged more. Note that "information items" are NOT reversed back to the wallet when objects are deleted. The objective of Calc3 is that accounts should keep data for keeping track and learning. Also, a charging-only policy ensures a simpler and more transparent mechanism, and enables a very moderate charging policy. For instance, inserting from templated is only charge with 5 "information items" no matter how large the template is.

The order process:

  1. When ordering this product, make sure you are logged in first.
  2. Add the product you want to your order.
  3. Confirm the order. You then see a payment notice.
  4. See your inbox (or spam folder) for an order confirmation.
  5. Log out and in again to with your user id, email address, and password.
  6. You can start using the system with some storage capacity (information items) immediately. The rest is activated when you have paid.
  7. When payment is registered, you will receive an email. An invoice marked as paid with invoice number is generated for your and our accounting system. This is sent to you by email.